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More about the NAHARI ink problem - IMPORTANT

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT POST UPDATED WITH THE LETTER BELOW Any sofer using NAHARI ink purchased in the past 6 months or so should stop using it immediately. It seems that there are three problems, which I outline below: 1. The recent batches of ink are hard to write with and the ink can spread and expand after a letter is written (not sure how long after this happens) making the letter thick and ugly and sometime can loose its shape. 2. The ink bleeds to the back and is visible on the back of the parchment.This becomes is visible only after a few weeks. I have already seen it on items sent to me from sofrim in Israel (see picture). This is a problem for mechikos, because places where the ink was rubbed out, the erased ink will reappear a few weeks later under (in brown or grey) under the new writing. So if you make a mechikah, even if you erased it well, the original writing will come back lightly and it cannot be erased. 3. If parshiyos and mezuzos or written yer

Taping a torn mezuzah

A question I received: A mezuzah has a cut in it, and I'm worried it will get bigger and tear into a letter. Am I allowed to tape it with regular tape from the back?  Or does it need a parchment patch?