Computer checking

 I received the following sheila which I’ll put out to the STaM community:

What scanner is required for computer checking?

Or is there a camera that works?
Is it better to scan and email to a computer checking service? Or to get a program myself?
Thank you for your help


  1. Hi Doron. I send Sifrei Torah to Machon Ot in Jerusalem. I recently visited the computer checking room there, and was very impressed with the high level of imaging technology they use. Quite honestly, I cannot imagine how scanning and emailing could come close using top quality instruments on the original scroll. Anyway, that's my own opinion, from a very "un-tech" Sofer.

  2. I think most people today use the canon digital slr that the duk program recommends.

    Only mishmeres stam still use flatbed scanners


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