A little ink smudge inside the Reish


A little ink got smudged in a bad place - inside the Reish. Can this be a shinui tzura to Hei? The smudged ink is rather small but I’m curious to know your opinions. 

Git voch



  1. Is it dark? (Photo not always accurate)

    Beautiful ksav btw

    1. Thank you
      They are two small dots, the upper right one is darker while the other one is less dark. It was a smudge that happened while I was writing the next words. My biggest concern is if there is a shiur to be considered a little yud of a Hei - although each dot is very small by itself.

  2. By the way, I got a psak leheter because the smudge is two dots, and one of them is actually just out of the area of the roof. Question then becomes if the two small dots can be mitztaref lehumra, but apparently we don't say that. I was told that there's discussion is regards to joining two dots lekula - I'm interested if anyone has more info on that.
    I was encouraged to make a Sheilas Tinok to be extra sure, and it resulted in it being indeed a Resh, not Hey.
    Thank you and git voch


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