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Tikkun for Yeshayhu

 Hi everyone, I need a tikkun for yeshayhu that I can get sent to me in Florida. It is not the ben asher version. Anyone have a number of someone that ships or emails a tikkun? Thanks for any leads

Someone in my town wants to buy a megilla but theres not enough time to write one 3 weeks before Purim

Am wondering if anyone has a nice ksav and available now to ship to Canada in time.  The budget is not high as needs to be in Canadian $ under $1k. if you have something please post image of ksav. Thank you

Shinui Tzura

Got a second Shaila in my Mezuza - unlucky... Question is if there's a shinui tzura from Lamed to a Samech, which happened by an accidental smudge in the wet ink. The spillage and the base of Lamed are connected. In my previous shaila I got lucky but this one will maybe force me to scrape the line, which is chaval as I worked very hard in this Mezuza. Any thoughts? I'm planning to ask a posek when I have a chance but would appreciate your thoughts. YK