Shinui Tzura

Got a second Shaila in my Mezuza - unlucky...

Question is if there's a shinui tzura from Lamed to a Samech, which happened by an accidental smudge in the wet ink. The spillage and the base of Lamed are connected.

In my previous shaila I got lucky but this one will maybe force me to scrape the line, which is chaval as I worked very hard in this Mezuza.

Any thoughts? I'm planning to ask a posek when I have a chance but would appreciate your thoughts.



  1. At least there is no shem and you can scrape the line, salvaging this beautiful mezuzah.

    If you have an electric ink eraser, you should manage to do a nice invisible mechika (although it takes time).

    1. never tried with the electric eraser, so I will not experiment in this mezuza... but can you send me link where i can find it for the future? I would be curious to try in other situations
      Thank you


    3. Eli, I got the electric eraser, it's great! Thanks for the tip, it will make a huge difference for me in the future.

  2. נראה לי פשוט שמועיל שאלת תינוק. ואם קורא ל' מותר לגרר הדיו מחלל הל'

    1. תודה על תשובתך. שאלתי ילד בן חמש והוא אמר ל. עכשיו אני מסופק אם יש מקום להחמיר אחרי תירוץ לקולא, או אם אחרי צירות של תינוק, אין כאן מקום להחמיר בכלל. כל טוב


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