Daled of Echad

A careful examination of the above Parasha of Tefillin reveals the Daled of the word Echad to be written with an excessively long foot.  Likewise, the foot is overly slanted to the right causing one to perhaps mistake it with a KHAF PESHUTA.    

Can this DALED be redeemed by the reading of a TINOK as halakha recommends in many parallel cases, or is this REGEL so overly long that the letter has lost its shape and the reading of a TINOK is rendered useless and to no avail, even if read as a DALED.  Your informed insight is welcomed.


  1. Passul - shinui tzura - and tinok cannot help. (Even if it's not kosher for a chaf pshuta because it's not round on top, it's still not a daled.)

    1. אין פוסל השינוי בצורת האותיות כל ש... התינוק קוראה יפה
      צ"צ יו"ד סימן ר"ה ס"ה

  2. Indeed! Passul Legamrei. Thank you both for your posts.

  3. If read by a תינוק דל"ח ול""ט as a דל"ת then should be Kosher!

    Don't we fallow the instructions of the שולחן ערוך?

    Though the question may be whether there's a way to כשר even if a תינוק can't recognize that it's a דל"ת, see שו"ת צ"צ אבן העזר סימן קס"ה ס"ב


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