Poorly Designed Mezuzah Case


I saw this mezuzah hanging on someone's door post. While the intention was good, this is not an acceptable way to hang a mezuzah - flat, with the writing facing out. It needs to be rolled, with the writing facing inwards.

(I was thinking, however, that if the writing was facing out - on display for all to see - perhaps people would care more to buy higher quality STa"M. We live in a society where people like to show off and display expensive and designer items like clothes,  art, cars, furniture etc. If the writing of their mezuzah was on display for all to see, I'm sure many more people would opt for higher end, beautiful writing! Of course, it's not possible....but it would certainly encourage people to buy more mehudar mezuzos.)


  1. Perhaps, but as you wrote, this is an improper way to affix a mezuzah. Unfortunately, many of the cases on the market are not made to safely/properly hold the klaf. Some require the klaf to be rolled very tight, some require them to be flattened, some have a larger circumference that the opening, making it difficult to keep the klaf from staying in the correct position (Shem facing forward) and some aren't properly affixed to the doorpost and so on.


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