Can the experienced sofrim out there post advice on how to quicken the speed of writing w/o compromising on quality. Also, it would be informative of what is considered to be a good pace, and what is the natural progression.


  1. I've heard some Soferim write Megillah Esther the same size ktav as they are writing and they quickly write the Megillah. After some time (I do not imagine too long) they move over to what they will be writing. (I imagine One can do the same with pitum haketorets)
    Soferim that I have heard that use this trick normally write Seferi Torahs.

    As for smaller ktavs (Smaller Mezuzahs and Tefillin) I imagine it is just writing them multiple times until your hand adjusts itself to the writing and therefore being able to write quicker.

    There is always also using a "light tikkun" transparency, but the very big downside is at one point a sofer might accidently be copying instead of actually writing.

    These are different tricks I have heard from different soferim.

    Good luck!

    1. Also, I remembered waay back when I found a video on YouTube about this topic and posted on the form.

      Here's the link for quick access:


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