One Million Hits And Still Going....Just

Wishing all forum members and readers a mighty Shabbos Beraishis and a successful year ahead!

It's been a few months since I've checked this forum, and I see now in the counter we have somehow surpassed over a million hits, which is quite remarkable. I think that with the advent of safrus WhatsApp groups and their ease of use for discussions and shailos, there is no question that this blog has seen better days. 

However I should note that this site still gets a healthy amount of visits, mostly because of the nearly 2000 articles and discussions which have been posted over the years, with many hits coming from internet searches on safrus topics. I guess that's one advantage over WhatsApp, the discussions are available for all to see and benefit from, even years later.

It was exactly ten years ago, October 2011, when five of us turned an email chain group into an online forum. I'm told that it is now one of the largest safrus resources publicly available, both in Hebrew or English, printed or digital. 

So thank you everyone who has contributed to this site over the years and lets keep it going, even if its only an occasional post! 


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