Introducing members of this forum

Please note that the member list is updated periodically. If you are not listed, but are a member, please advise Administration. 

Executive Members
The following 4 members are experienced in STa'M and have agreed to take a more active role on the Forum.

R' Eli Gutnick 
(Founder of the International STa"M Forum)
User Name: Eli Gutnick
Location : Melbourne, Australia

R' Shmuel Ahron Traube
(Director of Beis HaStam, USA)
User name: Bais Hastam
Location: Boro Park, NY, USA

R' Yosef Y. Rabin

(Director of Yeshivas STaM, USA)
User name: Y.Y.
Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

R' Yerachmiel Askotzky
(Author of: Tefillin and Mezuzos)
User name: Yerachmiel Askotzky
Location: Telz-Stone, Israel

Assisting with the administration of the International STa"M Forum.

Daron Resnik
User Name: Daron Resnik
Location: Sydney, Australia

Members of the International STa'M Forum.

Harav Moshe Weiner
(Posek in STa"M)
User Name: moshe weiner
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

R' Ari Posner
User name: Ari

Location: Perth, Westen Australia

R' Dovid Bressman
User name: Dovid
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

R' Nachman Klein 
User name: Nachman
Location: Beit Shemesh, Israel

R' Heshy Benshimon
User name: Heshy Benshimon
Location: Montreal, Canada

R' David Barzev
User name: Rabbi David
Location: Queens, New York, USA

R' Yosef Mosse
User name: Yosef Moshe
Location: Rio, Brazil

R' Yitzchok Raskin
User name: Yitzchok Raskin
Location: Crown Heights, NY , USA

R' Simchah Frenkel
User name: Sofer S. Africa
Location: Jo'berg, South Africa

R' Nottah Kuperman
User name: Shraga
Location: Crown Heights, NY, USA

R' Yosef Teitelbaum
User name: Y T-baum
Location: Los Angeles, USA

R' Motty Horowitz
User name: Boro Park Sofer
Location: Boro Park, NY, USA

R' Yitzchok Filler
User name: Yitzchok
Location: Montreal, Canada

R' Avraham Abramson 
User name: Simchah Peretz G.
Crown Heights, NY, USA

R' Michoel Ganz
User name: Michoel G
Location: Boro Park, NY, USA

R' Aaron Shaffier
User name: Aaron Shaffier
Location: Betar, Israel (formerly L.A.)

R' Shaul Safdieh
User name: R Shaul Safdieh
Location: Brooklyn, NY

R' Peretz Mockin
User name: Peretz
Location: Montreal, Canada

R' Ezra KahfifUser name: Ezra
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

R' Elad Rozenfeld
User name : Elad
Location: Palo Alto, California

R' Yehoshuah Deitel
User name: Yehoshuah
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

R' Etan Katz
User name: Etan Katz
Location: Beit Shemesh, Israel

R' Aryeh Schechter
user name: aaa
Location: Brooklyn, NY

R' Mendel Gorman
User Name: Divrei Kodesh
Location:London, England

R' Chesky Newman
Username: SoferEsq
Location: Long Island, USA

R' Moshe Rothbart
Username: OneDay
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

R' Micha Yerushalmi
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

R' Eli Yanovich
Username: Yanovich
Location: Israel

R' Oren Benyamin
Username: orenbenyamin
Location Moshav Beit Zayit, Israel

R' Shmuel Bowman
User name: Shmuel
Location: Efrat, Israel

R' Alberto Attia
Username: Alberto Attia
Location: San Diego, USA

R' Zackery Peine
Username: Zackery Peine
Location: Milwaukee, USA

Harav Avraham Chaim Bloomenstiel
Username: Avraham Chaim Bloomenstiel
Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

R' Yaakov Klein
Username: YK
Location: Antwerp, Belgium

R' Zvi Shkedi
Username: Zvi
Location: Scranton, PA, USA

R' Mordechai Pinchas
Username: Mordechai Pinchas/Marc Michaels
Location: London, England

R' Benyomin Martin
Username: Benyomin
Northern California, USA

R' Moshe Druin
Username: Moshe Druin
Location: Miami Florida

R' Rafi Hirsh
Username: Rafi
Location: Baltimore MD, USA

R' Pesach Rothberg
Username: Pesach Rothberg
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

R’ David Ani
Username: Davi Ani
Location : TBA

R’ Shea Lindner
Username: Shea Lindner
Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

R’ Yitzchak Friedman
Username: Yitzchak
Location: TBA

R’ Yonason Herschlag
Username: Yonason Herschlag
Location: Betar, Israel

R’ Mendel Altein
Username: Mendela
Location: Brooklyn ,NY, USA

R’ Dovid Raskin
Username: Unknow
Location: Israel

R' Aharon Sonnenschein
Username: Ahron
Location: Brooklyn, NY

R' Yitzchok Winer
Username: Yitzchok Winer
Location: Brooklyn, NY

R' Yisroel Levin
Username: Yisroel Levin
Location: TBA

R' Eliyahu Regentov
Username: FLP Eliyahu
Location: Israel

R' Ahron Rabinowitz
Username: A.Rabinowitz
Location: TBA

R' Zvi Chaim Pincus
Location: Brooklyn, NY

R' Avrumi Creimer
Username: Avraham Creimer
Location: S. Paulo, Brazil

R' Yaakov Schwartz
Username: Yanky Schwartz
Location: Lakewood, New Jersey, USA

R' Yehudah Pink
Username: Rabbi Pink
Location: Bermingham, UK

R' Sholom G
Username: SholomG
Location: Israel

R' Izzy Pludwinski
Location: TBA

R' Yitzchak Friedman
Username: Yitzchak
Location: Gush Etzion, Israel

R' Sholom Kass
Username: Sholom Kass
Location: Monsey, USA

R' Phil Americus
Username: Phil
Location :TBA

R' Yossi Danzger
Username: Yossi Danzger
Location: TBA

R' Moshe Ber Zirkind
Username: Moshe Ber Zerkind
Location: TBA

R' Yossel Serebryanski
Location: Brooklyn, NY

R' Sholom Fine
Username: sholom
Location: Boston, MA

R' Eliezer Adam
Username: אליעזר
Location: Israel

R' Asaf Tubi
Username: Asaf
Location: Betar, Israel

R' Chaim Friedman
Username: Sofer Sogood
Location: Brooklyn, NY

R' Yochanan Nathan
Username: Sofer
Location: Chicago, IL

R' Avi Heinberg
Username: Avi H
Location: TBA

R' Yehuda Horowitz
Username: Otzar Hastam
Location: Brooklyn NY

R' Yaakov Hoffman
Username: Yankev
Location: Washington Heights, NY, USA

R' Shmarya Richler
Username: Shmarya Richler
Location: Montreal, Canada

R' Dov Berger
Username: Dov Berger
Location: TBA

R' Aviv Farchi
Username: Blogger123
Location: Los Angeles, CA

R' Yaakov Siegel
Username: Jeffrey Siegel
Location: USA

R' Yoni Ross
Username: Yoni Ross
Location: Modiin, Israel

R' Bentzion Chanowitz
Username: Bentzion Chanowitz
Location: NY, USA

R' Michael Tzadok
Username: Rabbi Michael Tzadok
Location: Israel

R' Yehuda Gellis
Username Yehuda Gelis
Location: Crown Heights, NY

R' Yisroel Drutman
Username: Unknown
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

R' Chaim Dray
Username: TBC
Location: TBC

R' Shmuel Kleinbart
Username: TBC
Location: Cleveland Ohio

R' Yossi Hein
Username: Yossi Hein
Location: LA

R' Michael Arashebn
Username: Michael Arashebn
Location: TBC

R' Noach Tuchinsky
Username: TBC
Location: TBC

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